About Us

JKP Solutions is a boutique business consultancy firm based in North London. JKP Solutions specialises in working with owner managed businesses and providing one on one support to business owners and their team. The common link across the businesses we work with is that the owners have not had any formal business management training and have become good businesses through hard work and providing a high quality service or product, be it in manufacturing chairs, selling flowers or designing buildings.

At JKP we pride ourselves on working with these good businesses and turning them in to great businesses. So, in a nutshell how do we achieve that. For a one on one consulting role we always start with the journey; why did the business owner start the business, where are they intending to go and where are they currently. We make a very strong analogy between a journey from place to place and the journey of a business through its growth phase.

As the infographic shows the journey of a business will have things working to divert it from the planned route. The role of JKP is to ensure the business keeps moving forward toward to its desired destination and the owner(s) have the knowledge, processes, procedures and support they need.

At JKP we have for over 10 years helped business owner(s) navigate that journey successfully. We would love to help you along your journey by providing, education, support, resources and our many years of experience to make the journey as rewarding as possible, both financially and from a personal growth perspective.

If you look at some of our product pages you will see details of the services, we can provide which range from a business health check through to a full one on one consultation programme.

We look forward to helping you work ON rather than just IN your business and by doing so achieving a business that is run by you rather than a you that is run by your business.