Beach towel consulting

So why beach towel consulting?

One of the key questions we ask during an initial discussion with a business owner is, “how long can you leave the business and go on holiday?” This is answered in many ways, we soon realised that there was a very common theme. That theme is that a lot of business owners are not able to go on holiday as often as they wish to and for those that do, they are often stressed out about things back at base and to spending a lot of time on the phone or email. At JKP we believe that one of our key objectives is empowering business owners to have a choice.
When in networking events it can be difficult to put what we do into a few words that grab people’s attention. One way we started to do this was using a beach towel to attract attention and linking our results to our clients having a choice to take stress free time off to relax and enjoy the result of their effort.
So please look at the other pages on our website and see how JKP Solutions empower business owners to achieve the success they deserve, so they and their family can make full use of their beach towels.