These are unprecedented times for all business owners with significant additional challenges and uncertainty. However, it can also be a time of new opportunities if the business owner thinks outside of the box. Take a look and see how our Business review package can help you.

Here at JKP solutions we are continuing to support our clients through these difficult times with one on one support as well as bringing clients together via video conferencing in order to share ideas and discussing issues as well as providing a sense of mutual support.

We have launched a new tailor made business evaluation package that not only takes account of the additional challenges but also identifies constructive activities that you as a business owner can undertake during this period to prepare and plan in readiness to move quickly when the situation improves.

We appreciate that cash is tight currently and so we are offering this package on a No Fee basis.

The package consists of

  • An online ‘Business Review’, identifying the current status of the business. The survey is filled out by the business owner(s).
  • Questions cover the key functional blocks of your business.
  • Additional question added specifically in relation to the current situation.

A report will be generated by JKP Solutions which will cover:

  • Actions we recommend to stabilise your business and cash flow position.
  • Actions we believe you should be taking to enhance your business processes, procedures and operations.
  • Strengths and opportunities based on current business position.
  • Graphical representation of current business status.

Identification of at least six strategies to address immediate concerns and to enhance the business processes so it is well prepared for the future. The report will be presented to the business owner in a 60-minute video conference.