How We Work With Clients

Our approach always starts with discussing why and how the business was founded and where it is today. We believe it is imperative to understand these fundamentals before we can embark upon the formal business analysis.

The next step is to assess six key business elements, whilst these are not an exhaustive list and other elements are important, our experience shows that by analysing these six areas we will get a strong impression of the strengths and opportunities within the business. The approach we take to analysing the current state of these elements is to sit with the business owner and if appropriate team members and go through a series of pre-defined questions along with additional clarification discussions where relevant. The output from these sessions is fed into a graphical report highlighting the key opportunity areas and identifying proposed strategies for improvement. Our one on one programmes will then provide advice, direction, strategy design and implementation along with formal management reviews. We believe that sound management processes and key performance measures are at the heart of running a business successfully.

These infographics illustrate the two key features of our approach to working with clients.