Your Checklist To Exceptional Customer Service

Without exceptional quality service you could be turning potential customers away and losing your existing ones. 

Here is a basic 20 point checklist to help you analyse the quality of your customer service and implement an improvement programme based on any gaps.  

My 20 Customer Service Analysis Checklist Questions are:

  • Is there a strong commitment to customer service by all management and staff?
  • Are your customers expectations appropriately recognised and understood by you and your staff to ensure customer satisfaction and quality?
  • Have your staff been adequately trained in providing the highest level of customer service?
  • Are your staff adequately reaching objectives, carrying out necessary functions and working towards your mission when communicating with and assisting a customer?
  • Do your staff identify and relate to both internal and external customers?
  • Is market research carried out on your current and potential customers to ensure you understand their needs and wants so you can cost effectively provide for both?  
  • Is there a customer complaint log?
  • Is your customer complaint log reviewed regularly and feedback given to all management and staff on issues?
  • Do you and your staff understand what your customer complaints suggest and use this important source of feedback to improve the level of customer satisfaction?  
  • Have you identified weak or broken points in the customer service cycle, and implemented appropriate fixes?
  • Has your total service strategy been defined and documented?
  • Do all of your staff adequately understand the service strategy?
  • Is your customer service system easy to use by your customers?
  • Is your customer service system easy to use by your frontline staff?
  • Is there a strong commitment to customer service by all management and staff?
  • Is there a commitment to providing the highest quality of customer service in the business?  
  • Do you regularly monitor and assess customer service levels provided by staff members?
  • Are there rewards and recognitions that embrace the quality of customer service provided by your staff?
  • Are there systems in place to regularly monitor and improve the level of quality customer service in your business?
  • Are there monitoring and review systems to improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity associated with the delivery of your customer service?

This checklist should help you to analyse your current customer service abilities and focus on those areas that need improvement or implementation. You can edit this checklist to better suit your business or include other areas required for assessment.

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