Take A Step Back From Your Business

We are all busy. Our lives have expanded to fill what available time we have making it difficult to always take a step back and consider our businesses dispassionately and objectively. The following three tips are designed to create that “thinking space” in your schedule to undertake those important steps for your business to move you from level 3 & 2 activities (Working in the business) to level 1 activities (Working on the business): 

Top tip 1 – A break is not an optional extra

We know that as a business owner, it takes a huge commitment and all your time to build a successful business. However, working 24/7 without a break is not only unhealthy, but is likely to end up with you being less successful in the medium to long term! 

Taking time out doesn’t mean you have to take a large block of time either. A “break” can be a long weekend (with no e-mail or mobile preferably) or even just a day out of the office doing something completely unrelated – basically a break is any time away where you have the opportunity to clear your head, regain your focus and eliminate some of the “white noise” which is so distracting. 

Top tip 2 – Time management is the key to taking time out

Good time management is fundamental for any successful business owner. Use your excellent time management skills to put aside essential time for yourself. This might only be an hour each morning to go to the gym, or an hour at lunch time to actually have lunch and go for a brisk walk. It might even be leaving early two nights a week to pick your children up from school or attend a course. 

Taking time out doesn’t have to be a once a year event. In fact, rather than being a waste of time, a short break every day can be an excellent way to recharge the batteries and clear the cobwebs! 

Organising your day to accommodate these activities in addition to your normal day to day work should result in an increase in output – the benefits of a clear head! 

Top tip 3 – Make yourself “redundant”

No! I don’t mean get rid of your position and pay yourself out! “Making yourself redundant” is an old management mantra that has just as much application to business owners today. The idea is that through delegation, coaching/mentoring and on the job training, you build up the skills in your business to effectively enable your team members to cover your role should you be out of the office for any length of time. In other words, when you are away, your business continues to operate as if your role was redundant! 

A systemised business with checklists, procedures and appropriately skilled staff will make this task even easier. As a result, if you need a break, want to attend a week long conference, take a holiday or are unfortunately ill for an extended period, your business will carry on without you. 

The peace of mind this strategy should deliver will eliminate the “I can’t take a break; my business will collapse without me there” excuse we so often hear. What a great reason to start transforming your business today.

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