Back To basics – Being Organised

One of the most important skills a manager can possess is the ability to be organised. Not only does your work require structured thinking, discipline and action, it also requires the ability to juggle a multitude of jobs at any one time – all with their own complexities and client expectations. Now add transformation into … Read more

Take A Step Back From Your Business

We are all busy. Our lives have expanded to fill what available time we have making it difficult to always take a step back and consider our businesses dispassionately and objectively. The following three tips are designed to create that “thinking space” in your schedule to undertake those important steps for your business to move … Read more

A Dozen Good Email Practices

Nowadays we all send and receive multiple emails every day.  Like everything in business there are some golden rules and behaviours that we should apply and expect others to apply as we use this powerful business tool.  Here are some of my favourites. Do not fill in the To & Cc boxes until you have … Read more

Make Every Phone Call Count

Often businesses will have a receptionist or a dedicated person who is in charge of answering the phones; however it is your duty to specify how you want them to be answered and how you want calls dealt with. Incoming calls can be from existing and potential customers, business associates, suppliers and the list goes … Read more